Sunday, October 20, 2013

50 years ago, before "occupation," Israel engaged in "X-washing"

50 years ago, before "occupation," Israel engaged in "X-washing"

We have ridiculed the concept, that has gained currency in recent years, that every humanitarian thing Israel does is really meant to hide its many crimes of "occupation."

I guess when Israel helped out other nations before 1967, they were engaging in pre-emptive "X-washing".

October 9, 1963 - Germwashing:
An El Al Boeing airliner left Israel today bearing a shipment of antibiotics as an Israeli contribution to the victims of Hurricane Flora in the Caribbean area.

October 15 - Agri-washing:
Two new farming villages will be set up in the Central African Republic with Israel aid in line with a decision arrived at in talks between Agriculture Minister Moshe Dayan and President David Dacko at Bangui, Ministry officials reported today.

Israeli officials now touring the Central African Republic were told that at one of the cooperative villages established with Israel aid, crop output increased by 700 per cent over the local average.
October 25 - Irrigation-washing:
MEXICO CITY - Thirty-three Mexicans, including six irrigation experts and 27 young farmers, left for Israel today to begin special training courses.

The experts were chosen by the Ministry of Agriculture for training in Israel that would aid them in improving the Ministry’s agricultural projects in this country. The 27 farmers, going to Israel under the Israeli Government’s auspices, with the joint sponsorship of the Organization of American States, will spend three months studying agronomy in Israel.
In 1963, Israel hardly had the powerhouse economy it enjoys today. But even when it was a mere 15 years old, Israel would go out of its way to help other countries in need.