Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The false Kahanists of Israel that must be kept out of the Knesset

The false Kahanists of Israel that must be kept out of the Knesset

False Kahanists Michael Ben Ari (left) & Baruch Marzel (right) - in front of a poster of Rabbi Meir Kahane 

It is with a heavy heart that we feel we must write this article today, for it gives us no pleasure to expose Jews whom we have so vehemently supported until quite recently, as fraudulent Kahanists and people who badmouth true Kahanists, all for the opportunity to obtain a Knesset seat.

We fear that if they do obtain seats in the Knesset they will not perform as we had for years, expected them to. We believe they will let Israelis down and we want to avoid this at all costs.

We wish to make it clear that we only offer our support to true Kahanists, people who do not betray their fellow Jews, and honourable people, be them Jewish or not. And until very recently we have also supported MK Arieh Eldad, Michael Ben Ari and Baruch Marzel of Otzmah le'Israel , but this week we were informed that these three are no longer following the Kahanist ways and we are not only very sad to hear that but outraged with the comments and instigations they have been doing towards our friend Chaim ben Pesach of the JTF (Jewish Task Force) and of Hayamin ha'amiti (The Real Right).
It seems that last week Baruch Marzel and Michael Ben Ari started a smear campaign against Chaim ben Pesach accusing him of being a liar, and stating that his claims of not being able to make Aliyah or go to Israel are lies.

We do not understand why these people whom we the JDL supported, have all of a sudden decided to appease the left by badmouthing and making such fraudulent claims against a fellow Jew, who has not only supported them for many years, but is a true Kahanist.

Michael Ben Ari and Baruch Marzel have challenged Chaim to prove that he is banned from Israel by providing documentation to support his claims, and he has done so here.  This seemed to have shut these two up, however we are not happy with the situation at all. Far from it!
We also heard that MK Arieh Eldad believes that the true Kahanist Jews who are now lingering in Israeli prisons, for committing acts in support of the Jewish people (Such as the brave hero Yigal Amir), must die in prison! 

False Kahanist MK Arieh Eldad 

How can he say such thing of fellow Jews whom he knew to be acting to protect the Jewish people from Arab terrorism?? We have become truly outraged with these comments and if Rabbi Kahane (Zichrono livracha) was alive today he would have been outraged too! 

Here is a video in Hebrew, of Chaim ben Pesach stating the above incident with Michael ben Ari and Baruch Marzel, and again, proof of the documentation these two have asked him to provide, and his personal message to them.

We are indeed very very disappointed to hear that Michael Ben Ari and Baruch Marzel have done this. 

Chaim ben Pesach has sent Baruch Marzel tens of thousands of US Dollars for his campaign to get into the Knesset! How can he do such thing to his friend??

Here is a screen shot of a supporter of Baruch Marzel stating that Chaim is lying about not being able to do Aliyah.

Here is a video of Michael Ben Ari where he says: "It is impossible to stop nuclear weaponization (in Iran)"; "one of the stupidest things Israel could do is to attack Iran"; Israeli Jews are less threatened by Iran than Europe and the Arabs; and a nuclear Iran is not an Israeli Jewish problem.

And here is a video where Knesset member, Arieh Eldad says that Yigal Amir and others like him should die in prison. 

In view of this blatant fall from grace and such disgraceful words towards righteous Jews, we can no longer offer them our support. It is very sad and a shameful thing that these people have done, not only to lie about Chaim in such manner but to say words which no true Kahanist would. We have now realised that they are not good people. We can no longer trust them. And as we stated above, it is with a heavy heart that we write this, for we take absolutely no pleasure at all in exposing our fellow Jews.

Let us now see if they will have the honour and the courage to apologise to Chaim for the hurt they have caused him (and us all) and for the lies they have been propagating on facebook and G-d knows where else. 

We expect nothing less. We urge Israelis NOT to vote for them on January 22nd - when it will be elections in Israel. 

We are truly disappointed. What kind of Jews do such thing? 

Please also take the time to hear Chaim speak about it here

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