Friday, December 14, 2012

Blame Canada -- The Palestinian version

Blame Canada -- The Palestinian version

This week on the Tribal Update the weekly satirical newscast produced by Latma, the satirical Hebrew-language media criticism website I run, we tip our hats to the Great North, Canada for standing by Israel at the UN. (Don't worry Czechs, and Micronesians, we love you too...).

We bring you the Palestinian Minister of Uncontrollable Rage, Tawil Fadiha presenting the Palestinian version of South Park's immortal "Blame Canada!"

Many of you may have noticed that in media coverage of the Israeli election, the Left has disappeared. The Likud and the others on the Right are running against a new force, called, "the Center." We contend with this issue as well.

Finally, we present an episode of Crossfire where the British are forced to answer their Israeli critics.

Here is Blame Canada as a separate clip.

And here is the whole show.