Monday, December 3, 2012

A PA State Leads to the Entrance to Treblinka.

A PA State Leads to the Entrance to Treblinka.

A PA state is more dangerous than Iran.

Giulio Meotti

International conferences sow seeds of war (Versailles) or delay war by carving concessions (Munich).

In the case of the Palestinian bid at the United Nations, it is both.

The Palestinian Arabs succeeded where more powerful Islamic countries have failed, by forcing Israel’s hand and creating a niche for the war against the Jewish State. The eventual establishment of a Palestinian State, whose virtual existence was proclaimed last week at the United Nations, will give them hope for the liquidation of the hated “settlement” project.

If a real state is ever declared, the Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria will have three options: being uprooted by Israel; being transferred to  Palestinian rule - in other words, given to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, or staying under Israeli jurisdiction, but surrounded by the Palestinian State and linked to areas belonging to Israel by dangerous roads.

In other words, a new ghetto. Strangulation.

But that is a moot point, because a Palestinian state looming over Israel’s cities and overflowing with returning “refugees” will eventually be the end of the State of Israel in its entirety. It means returning to the days of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, who erased the name Judea and substituted Palestine for it.

The Palestinian Arab State is a threat more dangerous than Iran. Both are based on a Nazi-like ideology which sees the entire State of Israel as an alien presence among Islamic nations, an undesirable island in an Arab sea that must ultimately be submerged.

According to a recent report by the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education, the Palestinian textbooks funded by Unesco and the European Union are still inciting against Israel:

“Palestine” is shown to encompass all the Jewish State, the Jewish holy sites (such as the Temple Mount) have been erased, and Arab “martyrdom” is praised. In these texts, Jews are described as “cunning”, “locusts” and “wild animals”.

That's why an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor sent a personal letter to world leaders, urging them to oppose the Palestinian UN statehood bid. "You will lead the people of Israel to an existential threat, just like before the Holocaust," warned Alexander Speizer, who survived Auschwitz. To each letter he added a drawing of the Israeli flag and the sentence, "Holocaust survivor No. 79658."

The Palestinian Arab bid didn't begin at the UN, but in Oslo, which almost destroyed the Israeli fabric, since a terrorist army was allowed by Israel to be deployed at the outskirts of the biggest Israeli cities. The Rabin-Peres government transferred Arafat’s terrorist establishment from Tunis to Ramallah.

Because of Oslo, Judea, Samaria and Gaza have been transformed into one big arsenal of weapons and hatred.

Because of Oslo, the PLO "police" was armed by Israel with rifles.

In the mirror of Oslo, Israel is diminishing. And the Israeli withdrawal is reminiscient of Czechoslovakia, not Algeria. The Palestinian Arabs would destroy Israel in a minute and drive the Israeli Jews into the sea, if they had the means.

The Gaza strip is lost, like one third of the areas of Judea and Samaria, which American generals described as "the only military margin" Israel possesses to safeguard its existence. It would put Israel in a totally indefensible position by giving up military advantages in four critical areas. A country nine miles wide is not viable.

Because of Oslo, Israel has been squeezed into an urban ghetto. Oslo is a one-way process, in which territories defined as “Area C” (under total Israeli control) become Area B and then Area A (total Arab control). The Palestinian Arabs convinced the world to accept the lie that the Israeli presence in Judea and Samaria is a temporary and malevolent accident.

The PLO already holds 28% of Judea and Samaria, including areas A and B. A is land transferred to the Palestinian autocracy. In the B area, Israel maintains security, but not political authority. It means that area B is also lost for the Jewish nation. The moment the land becomes either A or B it will be lost to the Jewish people.

A Palestinian State in Judea and Samaria will strip Israel of the defensive wall of the mountains won in the Six-Day War. That's the Palestinian first phase: making "Judenrein" the entire mountain range from Jenin to south of Hevron.

A PLO state will station a terrorist army directly adjacent to the Israeli cities containing 70 percent of the Jewish population. In 1997 then Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stated that “the creation of a Palestinian state in the area of the Palestinian Authority will inevitably lead to a situation whereby an Arab army will pose a threat to the existence of the State of Israel”.

The Palestinians will likely receive weapons from the same kind of Iranian “volunteers” who have been sent to aid Hizbullah in southern Lebanon. In the Palestinian State, the terrorists’ freedom of action will increase, and the cities of Judea, Samaria and Gaza will be turned into terrorist bases and cities of refuge. Arab Samaria will be turned into the Beirut of the 80's.

The Palestinian State will have total immunity against Israeli disciplinary measures. What will happen when terrorists attack Israelis in Jerusalem and return to PLO land? Or fire missiles from hills above Tel Aviv?

A Palestinian state will endanger Israel’s water sources. Located on the fringe of a desert, Israel, which is now a “water technology superpower,” is dependent on the Mountain Aquifer extending from the slopes of Mt. Carmel to Beersheba and from the crests of mountain ridges in Judea and Samaria to the coastal plain. This is the principle reservoir of drinking water not for “the settlers,” but for Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem and Ashkelon.

That’s why Palestinian control of water sources would be more dangerous than Fajr rockets, as even coastal plain residents would be at the mercy of the Arab autocracy of the Samarian highlands.

Another lethal danger of a Palestinian state is that it will attract a massime influx of Arab “refugees” from around the Middle East. Some of them are among the most dangerous people in the Middle East, like Abu Zubayda, one of the three al-Qaeda terrorists the CIA officers interrogated with waterboarding.

The Palestinian Arab virtual state has already buried 1,800 Jews in their land. When war will be fought from the outskirts of Petah Tikva, Kfar Saba and Ramat Gan, this will be the latest phase in which the patient (Israel) will be cured of the “Palestinian Problem” with the ultimate pill: Death.

The Nazis came and went, but ultimately Germany remained. Israel won't survive if the Palestinians will be able to give life to their hideous Trojan horse. A PLO state is linked right to the platform of Treblinka.