Thursday, August 9, 2012

Some ‘Zionists’ Have A Perverse Sense of Love

Some ‘Zionists’ Have A Perverse Sense of Love

By Ronn Torossian

Its summer time – primetime for Israel lovers to visit the country, tour, and enjoy all that Israel, the modern day miracle, has to offer. People relax on the beach, pray, sightsee – yet how come we never hear a nice word from “Zionists” like Peter Beinart or the New Israel Fund on things like this? They never ever have a positive word to say about Israel. These people get so much attention because they are Jewish and claim to be pro-Israel, but their whole purpose as Jews seems to be to hurt Israel, and their “support” only damages Israel.

The New Israel Fund, Beinart, all these people – do they donate to museums or (Jewish) cultural centers, enjoy the beaches of Tel Aviv, or the beauty of a Kabbalat Shabbat ceremony? If they do, one certainly never hears about it – we hear often about this obsession of “racism” towards Africans, “oppression” of the Palestinians, and problems of the Charedim with the less religious. Everyone – 100 percent of the Jewish people — wants peace, and no one claims the country is perfect, and certainly there are negative incidents in Israel, but why do they as “Zionists” or “Israel supporters” constantly harp on the negative? Any belief in criticizing your loved ones privately?

A simple review, preformed recently, of the front page of Beinart’s blog, “Open Zion,” sees the following articles on the home page: “Exploiting Jews from Arab Countries,” “Why Bibi Is wrong,” and “Prejudice in Israel,” and not one article remotely supportive of Israel. No horror expressed about Arab attacks on Jews, the mass killings in Syria, or a random story about some miracle in the desert in the start-up nation.

Only a few years ago, these same “Zionists” wanted to return the Golan to Syria.  Today, we see the Syrian government slaughtering thousands of their own people, and the world is standing by.  Can there be any doubt what they would do to the Jews? These liberal Jews claim to be all about acceptance and democracy and openness – As the overwhelming huge majority of Israelis chose Netanyahu, why can’t they accept this viewpoint? Is their love for Israel an abstract concept or do these “Zionists” believe that their own beliefs are more important than the vast majority of Israelis?

One hears constant criticism from these quarters about the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and Jewish strength, but never words of praise. Do they believe Israel should ever fight back? When is it okay to fight back? Why do they never (ever) praise the Jewish army – say for acceptance of women? Or its great rehabilitation programs? Anything? They constantly criticize so called Jewish “racists,” and the handful of “price-tag” activists – and refuse to acknowledge that Islam is anything but a religion of peace.

Perhaps the Zionism they support is a fantasy land where people sit around and sing “Kumbaya.”

As an ardent Revisionist Zionist, I have yet to encounter anyone who believes Israel is perfect. Even David Ben-Gurion, the 1st Prime Minister, said: “We will know we have become a normal country when Jewish thieves and Jewish prostitutes conduct their business in Hebrew.” No, things aren’t perfect in Israel yet – but it’s a pretty tough neighborhood, and Israel is constantly striving to improve.

Lenin called those who work against their own people’s best interests in support of their enemies “useful idiots” – and I’d call people like Beinart and members of the New Israel Fund worse than that.

As Ze’ev Jabotinsky said: “What interest can the Jewish nation have in individuals whose supreme pride consists in the fact that they have renounced their own people? The bitter root of our shame and our suffering is that we do not give our own people the full love of a patriot. It would be better if we did not love our people at all, if we were unconcerned as to whether it existed or had disappeared, rather than that we should love it halfway which means to despise it.”

My mom used to tell me as a kid, “If you don’t have anything nice to say to your sister than don’t say anything at all.” Maybe these so-called supporters of Israel can follow this rule. This crowd of people would be better off not loving Israel anymore – they harm morale, public relations and so much more for Israel and the Jewish people. Go love another country.