Wednesday, August 8, 2012

So what is the Multi-National Force in the Sinai doing? Nothing.

So what is the Multi-National Force in the Sinai doing? Nothing.

The mission of the MFO [Multi-National force and Observers) is to supervise the implementation of the security provisions of the Egyptian-Israeli Treaty of Peace and employ best efforts to prevent any violation of its terms.

So where were they when people in Egyptian Army uniforms broke through the border between Egypt and Israel on Sunday night?

Judging from their website, nothing has happened of note in the Sinai since they received a sizable donation from Sweden in 2011.

But they have pretty good facilities:
The MFO does its best to provide for the education, welfare and recreation of all of its members. Education facilities and programs from several colleges and universities, postal services, internet and telephone services are available at both of our camps. Chaplains, medical and dental professionals are present at both camps. Should the need arise arrangements are also in place for treatment of serious illness or injury in cooperating regional hospitals.

›› Sports facilities are available to cater to most sports. The gymnasia at both camps are run by professional staffs, and are well equipped. At our northern camp is a swimming pool and in our southern camp a beach facility on the Red Sea.

›› The libraries at both camps contain a large selection of books and periodicals in all of the national languages represented in the Force. DVD's, videos and music CD's are also available for loan. Two Force Exchanges (FX) provide a range of necessities as well as sundry items, magazines, electronics and clothing at a reasonable prices.

›› The profits from the FX and MFO sponsored Clubs fund our morale support programs. Morale Support tour and travel programs offer a wide range of excursions and accommodations throughout Egypt and Israel. Feature films are shown in the theaters, and satellite TV/Radio stations provide programming from various sources and in several languages.

›› Beyond these activities directly supported by the MFO is a spontaneous and entirely welcome system of individual and contingent sponsored recreational activities and Contingent clubs.
And a magazine.

It is not a UN organization - but the MFO seems to be as bloated and useless as any UN agency is.