Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Minneapolis Muslim paper says Jews enslave Palestinian Arabs

Minneapolis Muslim paper says Jews enslave Palestinian Arabs

Reader jzaik came across a community newspaper called The Halal Post while shopping:

You can find the entire paper here.

The cover story was ten tips for Ramadan. Here is tip #6:

I had no idea that the "settlers" had such power to be able to enslave Arabs! This is news!

So I was wondering, exactly how do those evil Jews enslave the poor Palestinian Arabs? Do they use whips? Guns? Do the Zionists threaten to rape their daughters if they don't do their bidding?

Then I remembered - the Palestinian Authority answered that question only last week!

You see, the Jews enslave the Palestinian Arabs by paying them roughly double the salary they would make by being employed by other Palestinian Arabs.

So when you buy Israeli dates, you might be contributing to the pain of the comparably well-compensated Muslim Ummah.. Because, of course, it is painful to be able to buy new cars and computers for your family that your neighbors cannot afford.