Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In Londonistan On Al Quds Day, "Insha’Allāh" Said The Anglican Vicar To Israel's Foes (videos)

In Londonistan On Al Quds Day, "Insha’Allāh" Said The Anglican Vicar To Israel's Foes (videos)

Dr Stephen Sizer is the Anglican vicar of Virginia Water in Surrey and an inveterate, seasoned campaigner against Christian Zionism.  And not only against Christian Zionism.  He's against the continuing existence of Israel itself, making common cause with some very dodgy allies, much to the chagrin of Jews and Christians such asthis one alike.

A fervent advocate of the dissolution of the Zionist Entity and its replacement with a single state for Jews and Palestinian Arabs (we all know what that would portend, sooner or later, don't we, folks?) he recently escaped prosecution for alleged antisemitism, the Crown Prosecution Service deciding that he had no case to answer.

Dr Sizer's blogposts, and in particular his frequent posts on social media (which attract lots of avid followers, some making the most reprehensible remarks in response and on their own posts that leave little room for doubt regarding their judeophobia), are almost obsessively concerned with what he sees as the evils of Zionism and of Israel, and (this post is an example) he clearly abhors any hint that Israel (threatened though it is by a crazed regime on the brink of achieving nuclear capabability) might attack Iran.

A supercessionist, he seems as warm a friend of Islam as he is an enemy of special Jewish claims to Zion, and is not slow to denounce manifestations of alleged "Islamophobia".  And indeed, although a professing clergyman of the Christian faith, he appears to have "gone native" (so to speak) in ending his "Al Quds Day"speech  ("....[W]what kind of Al Quds do you envision? What kind of Jerusalem are you marching for today? Is it for an open, inclusive city of faith? Or for one as exclusive as the Zionists are trying to create?....") to the assembled crowd of Muslim Israel-haters, Hezbollah-lovers, and their non-Muslim cheerleaders in Londonistan (including the inevitable contingent from Neturei Karta) with the Arabic "Insha’Allāh".

(I hear, incidentally, that an unscheduled highlight of London's "Al Quds Day" this year came when a woman emptied a large bucket of water –  well, we trust it was water and not something, er, more pungent – over some of the demonstrators!)

Below is footage of the marchers (warning: ear plug alert); more about the march, with very telling photos, can be found here:

On his blog, and notwithstanding the latest antisemitic rants of the odious Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Dr Sizer has posted a video from Press TV, organ of the atrocious Iranian regime, purveyor of antisemitism and terror around the globe, showing footage of "Al Quds Day" in London, and a brief interview that he gave its reporter regarding Israel's "war crime".

 Meanwhile, also courtesy of Press TV here's footage of "Al Quds Day" in Sydney,which was pimped in this promotional video.

"It’s the first time in its 33-year history, that a rally for International Al-Quds Day was held in Australia," the Press TV report proclaims in part.
"The demonstrators accuse Israel of creating a humanitarian disaster in Palestine by denying essential supplies, as well as the Israeli Defence Force killing innocent Palestinians and creating an Apartheid system....
The protesters also slammed the Australian Government for supporting Israel, saying the administration is committing crimes against humanity and should be regarded as a terrorist regime.
They also rejected the U.S backed two-state solution, arguing that innocent Palestinians were forced off their land when Israel was declared in 1948, and they should have the right to return."
 For some reason I saw that and thought of this:

But at least the London and Sydney demos, and this one roughly halfway between the two cities, in what used to be called Madras, weren't (quite) as raucous as this one in Bangalore...