Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fellow Israelis, We're All "Settlers"

Fellow Israelis, We're All "Settlers"

It really blows my mind that so many Israelis think that they have more rights to their homes in other parts of Israel than I have to mine here in Shiloh.  They absolutely hate it when our enemies lump us all together in the same illegal sic category.  They consider themselves more acceptably "kosher*" than I am.
Modiin residents: We're not settlers
What's so awful about being a "settler?"  Aren't we all settlers?

My neighbor's niece wrote and performs a one-actor play called in which she keeps asking if we're from the Holocaust.  She was certainly born many decades after the Nazis were destroyed, but she concludes that we're all "from the Holocaust."  And I think it's time for the Israeli Government to fully understand and make it clear to all Israelis that according to our enemies, Arabs and others alike, we are all settlers, wherever in the Land of Israel we live.

The Israeli Government's reaction to the European Union's categorizing  Modi'in, Maccabim and Re'ut localities as "settlements" ignores the true issue.  Trying to play a game of "border tweaking" won't help, because the true issue is much greater than what Israel perceives as "an integral part of Israel, and their future is not in question."

"The world" doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist as a truly independent country.  They don't recognize/accept our choice of Capital City, Jerusalem.  These are all parts of the very same issue.

Only when the State of Israel stops trying to curry favor with other countries, stops this pathetic groveling will we be an independent country.  We must more than just verbally kvetch about the continued insults.

It's time to realize that we owe our independence to G-d and our long history, not to the United Nations and its member countries.

*not kosher in the food sense, just kosher as universally acceptable, as if the Arabs accept Jews and Jewish sovereignty in places like Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beersheva, Kfar Saba and other pre-1967, or more accurately described as "1948-1967 Israel."  Because there never was a distinction between Shiloh and Beersheva or Haifa and Hebron before then.