Friday, August 10, 2012

Egyptian cleric: "People Worldwide 'Thirst for the Blood of the Jews'"

Egyptian cleric: "People Worldwide 'Thirst for the Blood of the Jews'"


Following are excerpts from two Friday sermons delivered by Egyptian cleric Sallah Sultan, the founder of the Ohio-based American Center for Islamic Research. The sermons aired on Al-Aqsa TV on July 27 and August 3, 2012.

Sallah Sultan: I travel all over the world, and I met supporters of Al-Aqsa, of the prisoners, of Jerusalem, and of Palestine – people who thirst for the blood of the Jews, and who are eager for the promised war against the sons of Zion, until Palestine is liberated in its entirety. .


Under the previous [Egyptian] regime over 30,000 Zionists entered Egypt every month, defiling its land. The Egyptian police were forced to protect them, while they were getting drunk and picking fights. .

There was a great scandal, when [alleged Israeli spy] Misrati and some Jews entered Egypt, in order to commit all kinds of crimes here: counterfeit dollars, taking photographs of military bases, girls with AIDS seducing young Egyptians in order to infect them, and the vilest act of all – for the price of one Egyptian pound Misrati and his gang would seduce young Egyptian boys from Cairo, Alexandria and Upper Egypt. They took young children who did not know any better and sodomized them. .

Sultan has previously called for Muslims to murder every Israeli who sets foot in Egypt.

And that Jews use Gentile blood for matzoh.

On his website I saw this nice little article about the "divine battle between the believers and the Jews," where we can read that "the entire universe hates Jews."

And this guy founded an Islamic center in Columbus, Ohio - which is considered a tax-deductible charitable organization.