Friday, August 10, 2012

Disproportionate response for me but not for thee

Disproportionate response for me but not for thee

Media bias on Israel reporting
This cartoon is from 1993 and absolutely nothing has changed
Perhaps I should rearrange the title because it’s meaning could be read two ways. It could mean either that a disproportionate response is permitted for me but not for thee, or that my actions are considered disproportionate but not yours. Of course we all know which which reading is relevant regarding Israel’s actions.
After Sunday’s cross-border terrorist attack at the Egypt-Israel border, theEgyptians have struck back at the terrorists:
Egyptian military attack helicopters fired missiles on suspected Islamic terrorists in Sinai early Wednesday morning, killing at least 20 people, after an attack on security checkpoints, Egyptian security officials and residents said.
Security officials said it is the first time that the army has fired missiles in Sinai since the 1973 war with Israel to recapture the Sinai Peninsula.
The attackers responded by firing at least one anti-aircraft missile at the helicopters, Egyptian media reported.
More from Ynet:
Egyptian military troops and jets killed 20 terrorists in the Sinai regionbordering Israel on Wednesday, striking back after armed men attacked several security checkpoints, an army commander in Sinai told Reuters.
“We have succeeded in entering al-Toumah village, killed 20 terrorists and destroyed three armored cars belonging to terrorists. Operations are still ongoing,” he told Reuters.
Witnesses in Sheikh Zuwayed, about 10 km (six miles) from Gaza, said they saw two military jets and heard sounds of explosions. Other witnesses in a nearby area said they saw three cars hit.
Egyptian media are reporting that the terrorists responded to the attack by firing anti-aircraft missiles at one of the apache helicopters, which eventually left the scene having escaped several downing attempts.
Meanwhile, eye witnesses told The Guardian and Arabic-language Sky News that several fighter jets are taking part in the assault. Other reports said that the attack involves four fighter jets, 30 armored vehicles and dozens of Egyptian troops
The strikes follow clashes between armed men and security forces at several security checkpoints in the Sinai region.
Armed men opened fire on several checkpoints in Arish and in the nearby town of Rafah on the border with Israel, according to a Reuters reporter and state media.
Can you imagine what the world’s reaction would have been if Israel had reacted in a similar manner, bombing terrorist strongholds and killing 20?  There would have beeninternational condemnations, accusations of disproportionate response and  war crimes,  a UN condemnation or three, and furious editorials in the foreign press.
But in this incident, we have utter silence from the UN and foreign governments, and simple neutral reports from the Independent, the Guardian and so far not a word about Egypt’s response from the New York Times.
Double standards anyone?