Friday, August 24, 2012

Arafat Was Poisoned "And We All Know By Whom": Nobel Laureate (video)

Arafat Was Poisoned "And We All Know By Whom": Nobel Laureate (video)

Here's flotilla alumna and Russell Tribunal member Mairead Maguire, addressing a meeting of Irish Israel-bashers at which Haneen Zoabi MK was guest of honour.  "There are so many myths around Palestine and Israel," Ms Maguire says, going on to perpetrate a few of them.

So we hear the usual misconceptions and distortions of historical and political facts: that until the Zionists arrived there was a "Palestinian People" who "had their freedom" ... a wink, wink assertion about the "murdered" Arafat ... and that most of the Palestinians in Israeli gaols are latter day Gandhis ...  We hear a comparison between the Shoah and the Nakhba ... a claim that "Israel controls America's policies" ... the canard that "Israel doesn't want peace" ... and a call for Israel to be thrown out of the United Nations...

As for the comparison between the Troubles in Northern Ireland and the situation in Israel/Palestine (another video shows Haneen Zoabi being taken on a pilgrimage to the grave of Bobby Sands), the reality is that the IRA was not trying to take over the entire United Kingdom, and that, when all is said and done, there is still a Northern Ireland and it's British.

Many people would argue that the Palestinian Arabs do have a state – Jordan, whose whole territory once constituted 70 per cent of the League of Nations British Mandate of Palestine –  and they'd argue that the crux of the conflict is: will the Arabs who dwell in Eretz Israel ever choose peace with the peace-ready Jewish State?

For a video on a different albeit related topic, that of a possible Israeli strike on Iran, featuring an interview with Mark Regev, click here and for Regev's comments on that alleged poisoning see here