Friday, August 24, 2012

Arabs complain of "Talmudic rituals"at Solomon's Pools

Arabs complain of "Talmudic rituals"at Solomon's Pools

From Palestine Times:

Usurpers perform Talmudic rituals at Solomon's Pools

A large group of usurpers, under the protection of Israeli soldiers, stormed the Solomon's Pools in al-Khader village, south of Bethlehem. About 70 usurpers accompanied by Israeli soldiers stormed the ponds and settled on the third pool. The usurpers performed the ritual and religious hymns and rituals in the water, which is the fourth time in a row this has occurred.
Solomon's Pools is not an Islamic holy site. It has nothing to do with Islam. And at least one of them was undoubtedly built during Maccabean Jewish rule.

So when Arabs complain about "Talmudic rituals" (meaning, Jewish prayers), for example in the Temple Mount, it is not because they are Jews are desecrating a supposed Islamic holy site.

It is because they are Jews practicing Judaism. 

By coincidence, historic photographs of Solomon's Pools were the subject of yesterday's "Israel's Daily Picture" blog.