Wednesday, August 22, 2012

American State Department versus Jews in Judea-Samaria

American State Department versus Jews in Judea-Samaria

Extreme Left Haaretz had a headline yesterday which rings so falsely to me:

I know that it's not true.

It brings me back to an incident I experienced twenty years ago. I've blogged aboutit before.  
A few months after the Arab murderous terror attack on a bus filled past capacity of my neighbors, men, women and lots of children, who had been traveling to Tel Aviv to a demonstration to encourage then Prime Minister Yitzchak Shamir to be strong during the high-pressured Madrid Conference, we had a State Department guest.  It wasn't the first, nor the last, time we had entertained (a rather trite word for the experience of being politely interrogated by spies) various American officials.  Davka, my husband doesn't like to think of them as "spies," but when I explained their visit to my father in those terms they didn't disagree.  "Fact finding" is a euphemism for "spying. " Isn't it?

Here's the exchange which began with my husband's question:
"Why don't you invite Jewish Israelis to your events, like the Independence Day Reception?"
"We're even-handed. We don't invite the terrorist Hamas either."
I immediately reacted:
"Are you comparing us to the Arab terrorists who just murdered my friend Rachella Druk, who's now buried just down here?" And I pointed in the direction of the Shiloh Cemetery.
The guy had nothing to say in response. postscript: For quite a few years after that, we were invited to the Jerusalem Consulate Independence Day Reception. I even attended a few, but never when the date was during the "Three Weeks" when attending festive events is forbidden.
That exchange is even worse than the recent newspaper story.  Putting us Jewish residents of then YESHA in the very same category with Hamas, even though there hadn't been any anti-Arab incidents shows that for the United States State Department our very existence is a violation of something.  Their attitude is the real problem. That ideology that Jews must be restricted, have no civil rights or human rights to live where we wish is racist, discriminatory.  It goes against the very foundation of American Law.

Various American politicians, especially when running for office, visit Israel and even Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.  They mouth platitudes about their support for our inalienable rights to be here.  I don't take these words very seriously any more, because no matter by how much their electoral victory, those pledges never make it with them to office or policy.  Unfortunately, it's just the anti-Jewish policy that stays chiseled into the American State Department. 

Harry Truman could barely override the policy when ordering his United Nations representative to vote for a Jewish State on November 29, 1947, and I don't think that Mitt Romney will really be able to change much if elected.  The classic political comedy Yes, Minister is based on fact.  Remember basic Political Science.  The Executive, president or prime minister, makes decisions, but they are carried out by the civil servants, the permanent employees who have "their way" of doing things.

Presidents and Prime Ministers may change, but the bureaucrats are the true power and the American ones consider people like me to be equivalent to terrorists.  Yes, that's old news.