Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A BEAUTIFUL STORY!!!....Birthday Nachas

Birthday Nachas

I did it!!! I made a backyard party with at least 150 guests. I seriously dont know how i did it, well yes i do. It is called one good friend named Chani, who saved me. There were many kinks i wished i ironed out better, but what is done is done. It kind of reminded me of my wedding, all the planning and when the big day finally comes it goes by so quick that you forgot to try the food and say hello to everyone. It was a beautiful event and it was wonderful to see so many people come out to celebrate with Rozie. So many people who love and support her. She is our local star , and it warms my heart. I need this for her because as many of you know a child with special needs can easily become the opposite, ostracized and left out. I refused to let that be my Rozie, not when she was born , not today , not ever. One of my biggest goals with this blog was to give each and everyone of you a different look into Down syndrome. I know before i had Rozie i had an opinion and feeling about people with Down syndrome that i'm embarrassed to admit i ever felt.
 In the Lubavitch custom when a little girl turns three she has the honor of starting to light her own Shabbos candle. For Rozie's birthday she received her very own candle stick that is only hers. She will now stand next to me Friday nights and light her own candle bringing more light into this world. Read more about it here and here. Roze is a special Neshama that was born one day after Tisha B'Av on Yud Av, that happened to fall on Eruv Shabbos that year. I dreamed of this day since that day Hashem blessed us with this special soul.
 ( These pics are actually from a Chanukah time, i never shared them before because they were for a photo shoot in the Moshiach Time,Tzivos Hashem magazine)
Now onto the pictures....
Im sorry to say that it was very hard for me to photograph the party. It is actually almost impossible to photograph your own party, but i tried. I wish i got more of the dessert buffet, i worked so hard on it,but as soon as i put the food out it was demolished before i could get my lens in there.
I love the next picture because it is of Rozie and her best friend primping each other. Rozie just fixed her friends strap, and she was wiping Rozie's dress.
Friends who love Rozie, more than words

This is a classic picture. Eating for two!

Do you know who else loves this girl more than words?

You got to love it. I made everyone wear pink and no one complained.

Can anyone please tell me how we got here

                                               from here, so darn fast?

Mazel Tov my sweet Nechama Roza. Everyone is so proud of the little girl you have become , and you give us all such nachas every single day!