Thursday, January 3, 2013

Danger: Israeli Center Has Moved Far Left

Danger: Israeli Center Has Moved Far Left

First of all, I must remind you that I've been living in Israel since 1970 and have been following the Israeli current events and political scene since 1966.  That may even predate the birth of many of you.  My first memories concerning Israel are from the 1956 Suez Campaign, watching the news of it on television and my father saying that everyone want Israel destroyed.  At least, that's how I remember it, my first lesson in how Israel is accepted by the world.  Now, you must understand that I'm not from a Zionist home, nor a Torah observant home.  My parents are Jews, more by culture than anything else.  I didn't know about kashrut or many of the Jewish holidays when I was growing up.  My becoming Orthodox, Torah observant, Zionist and my move to Israel all went against what I was raised with.

There is one constant in the Israeli psyche, that a close reading of the classic historic novel Exodus will show, is that the Zionists always wanted a way to "make peace" with the Arabs.  This is the fatal flaw of the Israeli and Jewish mentality.  This yearning, unrealistic hope is a weakness and the Arabs and their allies havemilked it for decades.

There's no way of making peace with someone who wants you dead, unless you commit suicide.

Just a few short decades ago, the idea that there could or should be a "Palestinian sic State" was unthinkable, even by the Leftist Labor Party. But unfortunately, things have changed and even so-called Right and Center Israelis have accepted it and just haggle over the possible borders of a "two state solution."
Two-thirds of Israelis support peace with Palestinians that ensures security, polls find 
67% of respondents say they would support two-state solution based on the 1967 borders, with land swaps and a demilitarized Palestine
This is insanity!  It just won't work!!!  And there already isn't a "demilitarized Palestine."  Decades of Arab terror attacks have proven it a total fallacy. 
Those Arabs want us dead and gone.  There is no policy, nor potential for compromise and tolerance.

Israel must wise up to survive.